We can laminate virtually any substrates – paper to paper, paper to board, film to paper/board, aluminium foil to paper/board.


We currently laminate reel to reel, up to a maximum width of 800mm. Following laminating the reels can be returned to the customer, and/or printed on Flexo Printer, and/or Reel Embossed with one of our 250 textures and then, if required, sheeted and trimmed to size.


The products can range from wallpaper and giftwrap to craft products. If you’re interested in giftwrap we could also reel down onto cardboard tubes, filmwrap, label and box for you; on our in-house machinery. Please see our Giftwrap & Tinsel page for more information.

Flexo Printing

We have a 6 Colour Flexographic Press capable of printing up to 760mm wide.


Flexo printing is made by creating a positive mirrored master of the required image as a 3D relief in a rubber or polymer material. A measured amount of is deposited upon the surface of the printing cylinder using an engraved anilox roll whose texture holds a specific amount of ink. The anilox roller is covered with small wells that enable it to transfer ink to the printing plate evenly and quickly. The print surface rotates, contacting the print material which transfers the ink.


Gravure Coating

At Robert Williams we can coat by the Gravure method which is the Rolls Royce of Flood coatings and gives a perfectly flat finish on all substrates be it Films, Metalised papers < SC, Mechanical Coated or Uncoated papers, Gravure is the perfect process to flood coat these materials. By creating an anilox print roller, a design can also be introduced to the coating process.


Technical Specs:

  • Coating width 1020mm
  • Reel Diameter 1200mm
  • Coating Weight up to 50 gsm
  • Substrates > from 7 micron to 400 micron all types > Films , papers , Boards < Aluminium Foils
  • Processes > Pearl Coats < Scented Coating > Solvent Inks , Waterbase inks