Surface Embossing

Surface embossing is when the surface of the paper or board is raised in a design or texture across the whole sheet.


Sheet/reel embossing (or graining as it is sometimes known) adds texture to the piece and can make it appealing, both visually and to the touch. It is achieved by passing the sheet (or reel) between an engraved cylinder and a back roller. This is carried out by highly skilled operators with years of service within the embossing and flexo trade


Our most popular finishes are Linens, Hammer, Leather, & Lines, but we also have many, many more including, geometric shapes, floral, woodgrain, abstracts and yuletide.


Surface embossing can be used for a number of items such as packaging, envelopes, greeting cards, wallpaper and much, much more.


Sizes: Sheets up to 1000 x 1400, reels up to 1000mm width, any weight from 60 gsm material dependent.

Fact: Robert Williams Embossers has the largest collection of embossing cylinders in Europe with over 250!

Spot Embossing

Is where an individual or multiple images are picked out and raised to make it stand out from the background. It is usually done over a printed design, logo or text; but can also be done “blind embossed”, so only the image shows through quality plain papers, this can look very appealing as a letterhead, on a book cover, or as a border/design on a greeting card etc.


Spot embossing is performed on a platen style machine. The paper/board is passed between a male & female engraved block, made from artwork or a jpeg etc. and sourced from our approved suppliers. This is then accurately positioned to the image. As the platen closes, the paper/board is pressed into the dies and the effect is formed.


Sizes: From A6 up to B1 sheet sizes (the maximum image size is dependent upon the pressure required against the machines mechanical force available).